Do I have to stay to be there to sell my Items?

  • No,You do not have to stay while the items are being sold. However, you are required to stay while we scan and check your inventory on your drop off day. Then, you simply return at the pick up time on Saturday and retrieve any unsold items not being donated.


Is there a cost to be a Seller/Consignor?

  • Yes, there is a $7.00 registration fee. This helps to offset the cost of the sale for our online software system, printed materials and advertising.


What types of items are accepted?

  • For our Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer Kids sale:
  • New or Gently worn infant, toddler, children and maternity clothing for the season of the sale. Nursery items. Shoes, Pregnancy or Parenting help books, Crib and Toddler bedding, Shoes. You will receive a sellers packet once you register that will give more detail. New or Gently used toys, bikes, books, DVDs, Games, Playhouses, Kitchens, Electronic games and systems.


Is there a minimum or maximum limit to how many items I can have to sell?

  • There is no minimum number of items, however we ask that you have at least $50.00 worth of items. The maximum number of items for each seller is 200.


When will I get my sellers check?

  • We try to distribute sellers checks on Saturday during Pick up time of unsold items. We will only give checks to the person who it is made out to. If we are unable to get all checks printed, we will mail the check within 1 week of the sale.


Is there a fee to shop the sale?

  • No, it is absolutely free to shop our sale.


Can I volunteer for the sale?

  • Absolutely, this sale could not run without volunteers. We encourage you to volunteer to reap the benefits.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

  • The more shifts you volunteer for the earlier you get to shop. See volunteer page for more info.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us at: