New for 2016 and beyond:

  • We will require sellers to bring ID to pick up items and checks.
  • We will not release checks to anyone, other than the person who’s name appears on the check (exception being if you have multiple seller numbers).
  • If you are having someone else pick up your items, you must inform us prior to pick up with the person’s name and they will need to bring ID.
  • We will not release seller check to other person’s picking up.
  • The check would be mailed the week following the sale.
  • You set your own prices, tag and hang your items and bring them to us and we do the rest.


Sellers receive 70{22eebfa3913c08e5124dd264809aee75607a7f3ba6e4518ddc3553319d2c89b7} of their final sale price

Sellers also get to shop at pre-sale (see volunteer page for time)

After you’ve registered, you will log-in to the system and enter all of your items with size, description, and price online, and then print barcoded tags. You will also enter whether you want your items to go half-price, and whether you wish to donate or keep unsold items. (see prepare items page for instructions)

*All items must be in excellent new or gently used condition, we do inspect all items and will reject any items that don’t meet the criteria for the sale.*

Places to buy supplies:

  • Hangers- Walmart, Dollar stores, Dry Cleaners, Staunton Steam Laundry or try or
  • Safety Pins- Walmart, Dollar stores
  • Tagging Gun- Staples, Walmart, Amazon, ebay
  • Ziploc bags- Walmart, Dollar stores, Sharp Shopper
  • Card Stock- Walmart, Staples, Costco