Register- click on Registration and sign up. For returning sellers, you will keep the same seller number as long as you use the same user name/password. For new sellers, you will be assigned a seller number. Once you are registered, be sure to select your drop off time under Check In.

Prepare, Price & Tag- Gather all your items you want to sell. Inspect all items to make sure they are clean, no holes, no excessive wear, or stains. Please refer to the accepted items list. You will then use our automated system to enter your items and print out your barcoded tags. It’s easy to use, and if you have questions, we are here to help.

Drop Off- You need to sign up for a drop off time in the automated system prior to the sale. (Note: time slots are limited and in order to get a time that suits your schedule you need to select a check in time early) If you need to select Drop off time, log in to the system, select Check In & pick a day & time that works for you. Bring your items & the inventory sheet to VWC at the time you selected the week of the sale.

Pick up or Donate- If you want your unsold items back, please come to pick them up at the designated time, any items not picked up at the designated time will be automatically donated. If you choose to donate your items, they will be given to local charities and portions may go to disaster relief efforts.

Getting Paid- Sellers receive 70{22eebfa3913c08e5124dd264809aee75607a7f3ba6e4518ddc3553319d2c89b7} off their final sales (minus $7.00 registration fee). The remaining 30{22eebfa3913c08e5124dd264809aee75607a7f3ba6e4518ddc3553319d2c89b7} (tax deductible) will be given to various children’s and youth charities/ministries as well as a portion to offset the expenses associated with each sale. We make all efforts to give sellers their checks at the time that they pick up unsold items. If we aren’t able to, they will be mailed out within a week of the sale.

There are Two sales each year. August and March (or April) The August sale features Fall/Winter children’s clothing & toys. The March sale is Spring/Summer children’s clothing & toys.