Just some reminders:

  • PLEASE secure all small parts to toys in ziploc bags taped or zip tied to the toy (Best to place entire item in large clear bag to keep from losing parts)
  • Please place all stuffed animals in ziploc bags or large clear bags
  • We accept childrens clothing NB-Junior, Maternity clothing, nursery items and toys (anything that requires batteries-must have working batteries when dropped off)
  • All winter items need to be kept to Fall/Winter sale in August
  • All summer items need to be kept to Spring/Summer sale in March

Preparing your items:

  • Place all clothing on wire hangers (see clothing sale tab where to buy hangers) – hangers facing left, like a question mark
  • Safety pin pants and skirts to top portion of hanger. Make sure to zip up zippers and button or snap all buttons.
  • Place shoes, accessories and smaller items in Ziploc bags.
  • If placing more than 1 item on hanger or bag- IT MUST BE SAME SIZE & SAME BRAND (no mixing sizes or brands)
  • Place working batteries in any items that require batteries