Printing your tags:

Please follow these instructions when printing your tags.

  • DO NOT PRINT WITH HIGH QUALITY SETTING. This will make the barcode lines too thick and unable for the barcode scanners to read it.
  • Also, make sure your printer has plenty of ink before printing. Lines that are to light may not scan either.
  • Use white card stock if you will be tagging items with a tagging gun. This keeps the tags from pulling off the clothing as easily while people are shopping.
  • If pinning, you may use regular paper.


Attaching Tags:

  • Safety pins- Pin tag on the left (over the heart)
  • Tagging gun- Tag in left side seam. (must be in seam to avoid holes)
  • Tape- Place tape on outside of bag or item and secure all four sides (do not tape tags on hanging items and do not place tape over barcode)

Delivering Inventory:

  • Bring Inventory Sheet with you – (go to manage inventory, click reports, then click to print inventory list)
  • Come at your selected time (log in and select check-in time)- we will have someone there to help you.
  • Be prepared to stay while our volunteers scan and check your inventory.
  • Bring a tote or box with your number on it to leave for picking items up at the end of sale.