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If you do not enter all of your items all at one time, My CM will automatically save them for you. However, when you come back again, in order to view (edit or remove) what you have previously entered, go to Manage Inventory. There, you will see all previously entered items! If you are ready to print tags, you can go directly to that section and previously entered items can be selected for printing.

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Step two:

You are working with Event: Made4kids/ Fall 2016 (View this Event’s Discount/Donate Settings)

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Select an Event:  Made4kids/ Fall 2016 (active)

Step three:

1)Transferring From: Made4kids/ Fall 2015 (closed) <– Select what sale to transfer items from

2)Transferring To: Made4kids/ Fall 2016 (active)<– Select which sale to transfer items to

3)Select Items from the table below (You can only transfer a maximum of 216 items at one time.)

4)Transfer Selected Items to Event now:

To reset your items, you will have to permanently remove ALL of your items from your account. If you remove your items, they cannot be restored.

You do not need to reset your item numbers when transferring or working with different sales.

The system keeps track of them. It does not matter if items in one sale start at 1 and items for another sale start at 42.

Step Four:

Select which UNSOLD Items you want to transfer then click the Transfer now tab.

All transferred items will appear in your inventory for the current sale once transferred. They do count toward your item count. You may leave old tag on item. You do not need to print new tags as long as you have not changed price, item description or donate/discount options.